Privacy Policy

YoImpact provides online market research to entrepreneurs. For that, YoImpact uses its panel made of volunteers registered on its site.

The users registered can earn money by completing the online questionnaires that YoImpact provides.


Members of our panel are exclusively:

  • Over the age of 16
  • With a valid email address

Membership is limited to only individuals. Companies and associations are not allowed to register


An individual becomes a member once:

  • She/he has fully completed the registration form,
  • She/he has responded to the confirmation email from YoImpact.

YoImpact reserves the right to accept or refuse the registration of each individual without justification.



The members can access their YoImpact account by logging in. The account is recognized by an email address and password and only accessible by them. The login password is strictly personal and cannot be shared with or transferred to another someone else.


Member duty

  • Generally, members participate actively and regularly in the surveys suggested to them.
  • Participation is not mandatory.
  • Members must answer questions honestly and spontaneously.
  • Members agree to keep products and concepts mentioned in the surveys secret.
  • Members agree to give personal information.
  • Members agree not to share the aforementioned rights and obligations with any third party.
  • The contract is individual and unique; each member may only have one account.



YoImpact reserves the right to remove access to an account without notifying if the members:

  • give incoherent answers,
  •  have multiple accounts,
  • give unethical/unacceptable answers.

Any money that has been earned will immediately be retained by YoImpact.


Contract term

The account details will be verified by YoImpact . An account will be automatically closed if it remains inactive for over a year. The members and YoImpact may close the account without justification or notice. Member Remuneration

The members will be regularly invited to participate in online survey in return for money cash. For every survey, the amount to be earned and the time to be spent will be communicated before the member starts completing the questionnaire. Once the sum of money earned reaches $15, the member can claim the money. If the members close their YoImpact account, the money that has not been claimed will belong to YoImpact.


Creation of a member file by YoImpact

All information given by the members are used by YoImpact for statistic purpose will never be shared with a third party without member’s consent. Every member has the right to access his/her account to be able to modify the information



A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to member’s browser from a web server and stored on member’s computer's hard drive.

Cookies are used by YoImpact within following purposes:

  • quality control and verification mechanism in connection with the survey process
  • user information may be recorded so as to enhance performance and user experience on the website
  •  to measure web viewing for market research purposes (pages visited, time and date of visits, etc)
  • To offer and provide customizable and personalized services where you are prompted to log-in. This avoids you having to enter your login information many times in one day.

If you do not wish to have cookies on your browser, you may opt out by contacting


Internet network

 Members declare and guarantee to completely know and understand that no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be 100% secure. As a result, while we strive to protect your personal information, YoImpact cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information you transmit to us. Once YoImpact receives your transmission, we make our best effort to ensure its security on our systems.

In the event there are changes to these terms and conditions, YoImpact will inform its members and the changes will be communicated through the website.